The Original Bling

At a moment when street art is becoming the province of white box galleries as much as overpasses and subway tunnels, Darco et Anjuna’s graffiti-inspired pieces bring real-deal bling back to the streets.

A major player in European graffiti art, Darco has traveled the world perfecting his style of lettering since he first came onto the scene in 1984. Known for introducing the art to surrounding parts of Paris, Darco has gone on to host sell-out exhibitions from New York to Sydney. For jeweler Anjuna, who caters to the underground hip-hop scene and whose works have appeared in the Lagerfeld Gallery, the purity of her silverwork and jewelry design means that each piece is truly unique.

Working together, the Franco-German Darco creates lettering for belt buckles, cuffs, rings and necklaces custom-designed to be crafted by Anjuna in her Paris-based studio. Formulating a method for making the intricate pieces has taken the duo some time, but fortunately you need no longer wait for that gold, graffiti-tagged hair comb you’ve been needing.

—Retna Wooller

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