The Pandorian's Fashion-Inspired Artistry

The PandorianThe intersection of fashion and art is a continuously evolving relationship. And given the creative and innovative spark the compels most designers, it’s no surprise that many accomplished industry vets—Tom Ford, Helmut Lang, etc.—find themselves drawn to other artistic outlets at various points in their careers. This natural interplay is the aesthetic force behind Predrag Pajdic’s The Pandorian, a wildly popular art photography blog that combines fashion sensibilities with artistic media.

Born and raised in Serbia, Pajdic graduated from Central Saint Martins in 1994, one year after the late, great McQueen. Following graduation, he was thrust into the London fashion scene at a time when the city was housing collections that wowed the world. Pajdic’s curiosity led him to experiment with materials from tencil to toilet paper for outlandish creations that went on to appear in video clips, on stages, in films and even on display in New York’s Metropolitan Museum.

The PandorianLike most artistic talents, Pajdic’s creative curiosity began at an early age and encompassed a range of influences. “As a child I would imitate birds’ songs, collect feathers, mushrooms, flowers and talk to plants and animals,” he admits. Citing a host of inspirational sources—from Da Vinci to Dior, Balenciaga to Jean Cocteau—Pajdic’s imagination eventually grew beyond the canvas of fashion, however. It was at that point that he turned to his passion for photography. “Photography and art was always a significant part of my creative process,” Pajdic explains. “But it took some time until I took it seriously as my profession.”

Now dedicating his time to creating props, accessories and a select few garments for his shoots, Pajdic travels the world in search of subjects and locations to photograph for The Pandorian. Photographing people he meets rather than professional models is a conscious The Pandoriandecision based on the beauty he finds in every individual. For each subject, Padjic selects a quote or a time in history to form the basis of the shoot’s art direction. The result is more like an online essay in photography form. And with more than 1.5 million visitors a month and numerous commissions, Pajdic’s expression is only continuing to grow as he seeks out renewed inspiration in his followers.

Predrag Pajdic will next be collaborating with artists J. L. Nash, Errikos Andreou and Mustafa Sabbagh and his solo works will be showing at Contemporary Art Festival Barcelona 2011, Thailand’s WE*Do Gallery and Portugal’s Wrong Weather Gallery.

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