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The Ultimate Travel Trifecta

Thanks to a mastermind collaboration between Superfuture, the Ace Hotel and Google Chromebook, tech-savvy travelers now have the opportunity to experience new cities with a portable, personal concierge service. Launching at the Ace’s New York location—with plans for an LA iteration already in the works—this initiative establishes a new industry standard for the convergence of travel, technology and luxury living.

From now through the end of September, every room booked at Ace New York will include a wifi-enabled Chromebook that guests will receive upon arrival. More than just a shiny new toy to play with, each machine is specially outfitted with the Ace Hotel New York Field Guide, a customized list of recommendations for urban adventurers and aesthetes curated by the travel mavens at Superfuture.

Although the Ace Hotel and Google have each already cultivated brand identities of the hip, cutting-edge variety, this latest partnership with Superfuture contributes an added dimension of exclusive appeal. Comprising an online community of spirited travelers, Superfuture features in-the-know recommendations and reviews of shops, restaurants, galleries, clubs, museums and boutiques as well as upcoming events in cities around the world. It’s the go-to destination for travel and culture junkies. And most importantly, it’s already a trusted purveyor of taste.

This three-part initiative targets the increasingly customization-inclined habits of consumers, while also promoting the brands involved through the endless appeal of shared association. But what sets this initiative apart from all other travel perks is that it goes beyond the indulgence of an added amenity—it enables independence.

Additional reporting by Maria Caserio.

There is one comment on The Ultimate Travel Trifecta:

  1. Very cool idea…with a remarkable site, beautifully designed with a fantastic clean aesthetic and global perspective. Unfortunately the execution of their site is riddled with broken links leading you to a “smiley” page that makes little sense.

    Perhaps v.2 will be better? They have some work to do to go above being just a cool city guide, I presume the APP is much better than their working site (I hope).

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