Thom Browne Collaborates with Dita Eyewear

Already a fixture in the menswear market for his modern take on shrunken men’s suits, Thom Browne‘s sartorial tour continues this fall with his new eyewear sensation. A covetable rendition of vintage mod design, Browne’s gender-friendly optics feature a contemporary yet decadent façade that plays into the current androgynous trend. Produced in collaborating with DITA Eyewear, Browne’s first venture in the accessories arena is perfect for forward-thinking, adventure-seeking fashionistas.

The designer’s detailed collection features 20 different styles inspired by the lives of innovative artists, industrial designers and professors during the ’40s, ’50s and ’60s. Composed of acetate and high-grade titanium, Browne’s pieces have been produced in signature color combinations with his distinctive red, white and blue logo stripe as a reference to his trademarked talent. Utilitarian and amusingly equipped, Browne found a way to harden his statement collection with leather perforated splatter guards, genuine horn brow bars and cable temple ends.

Unlike any other specs on the horizon today, Browne’s themed eyewear endeavor will show in Paris next week and will be available later this fall at luxury boutiques around the world.

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