Tokyo Report: Best Menswear Exhibition Thus Far

The SS09 fashion season in Tokyo is only half finished, but I am ready to cast my vote for best exhibition to menswear brand Milok and its collection titled “The True Story of Picasso” for its fanciful interpretation of the revered artist.

The collection is high-end casual with an incredible and dapper use of bright colors and embellishment. It includes a smattering of influences from Picasso`s academia period, to the Blue Period, Rose Period, and of course the Cubism Period (an original cubist drawing playing across dress shirts stands out).

The “true” Picasso is revealed in Islamic mosaic prints in the blazer linings, and in sparkly Spanish vests and tunics.

The real kicker is how the exhibition space was rehauled to resemble Picasso`s own atelier — complete with authentic Spanish catering. A feast for the eyes, mouth and body.

— Misha Janette

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