Too Late Arrives Right On Time

If you’re stuck in an accessories rut, Too Late’s adorable range of casual watches is your ticket to bright, new horizons. We’re told these watches are all the rage in Europe (especially Italy), where trendsetters wear them two or three at a time. Newly arrived on US soil, Too Late is the epitome of urban, funky, versatile streetware.

The minimalist wristwatches come in a range of colors that’s constantly updated to keep abreast of the latest seasons, collections and trends, while avoiding an overload of IT bells and whistles. Too Late watches are simple and sleek, designed to be waterproof and only display the date and time. Each piece comes with a two-year warranty and is available in two sizes, so nobody need miss out.

For those of you still short on Christmas presents, hop online and order one or more of these trendy timepieces—at only $29.99 they’ll make for practical and on-trend stocking-stuffers.

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—Candice Rafferty

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