Tour de New York Fashion Week

Bowery Lane Bikes x New York Fashion WeekFew modes of transportation are as universally beloved as the bicycle. From city streets to suburban sidewalks, cyclists are drawn to this two-wheeled vehicle’s utility, simplicity and, of course, style. The latest in a growing list of fashion initiatives inspired by bike culture is Bowery Lane Bikes‘ fleet of designer-customized bikes, which will debut during the upcoming New York Fashion Week.

Working with iconic New York designers such as Diane von Furstenberg, Isaac Mizrahi, Rebecca Minkoff and Prabal Gurung, the urban cycling company has developed a series of 30 specially customized bikes that will be available from September 8-15th. Sure, other high-end fashion houses like Gucci and Hermes have created their own bicycle iterations, but Bowery Lane wants to make their rides totally accessible to fashion and bike lovers alike. During the marathon week of shows and  events, locals and visitors are invited to borrow the bikes and explore the surrounding Garment District neighborhood. Use is free as long as you leave a security deposit—and don’t need training wheels to stay upright.

Bowery Lane Bikes x New York Fashion WeekOn the heels of initiatives like Levi’s biker-inspired Commuter Series, Fietsenpakhuis‘ architecturally stunning bike parking garage and even our previous story on fierce foldable bikes, it’s clear that the fashion industry has not overlooked the timeless appeal of the bicycle.

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  1. Bicycles have been inspiration for fashion designers for a century. Making an object that is primarily utilitarian into a usable form of art seems to be more complicated than realistic. As a cyclist for 26 years, it’s nice to see an effort made to make the bike an object of desire. It’s one thing to see Damien Hirst do a custom machine for Lance Armstrong’s Tour de France, yet another to produce something of beauty that is accessible and somewhat affordable. Cuddos to the bicycle!

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