Are you an executive who needs the keenest trend intelligence to make key decisions for 2010 and beyond?

Are you a buyer faced with navigating the most difficult retail landscape in history?

Are you a marketer who needs to slice through the noise of the hundreds of micro and macro trends?

Are you a creative services executive who needs to know how fashion is going to inform your business?

Are you an advertising agency who cannot miss the lifestyle macro trends informing consumer desires?

Are you a fashion executive who cannot afford to overlook the macro trends that are powering lifestyle and fashion choices?

JCPREMIUM is a comprehensive trend intelligence report with high level reporting from global epicenters, identifying the specific trends that will fuel the global fashion and lifestyle economy.  The reports offer a comprehensive overview as well as detailed information on the intricate features of the trend and how to use them to power your business.

The newest edition of JCPREMIUM presents TREND CONFIRMATION Spring 2011: the New American Sportswear, full of data and observations into cutting edge knowledge for company, brands and executives, fueling decision making for buying, marketing, advertising and merchandising for 2011 and beyond.

JCPREMIUM includes:

–Page after page of in-depth reporting on New American Sportswear with a timeline dissecting its history

–Detailed shots from the runways and the real ways documenting specific components of the movement

–How it will all play out in color this season from neutral-on-neutral to pop color, and from plays on proportion to return to the classics

–How New American Sportswear rolled out on the runway in a major way, and what that means to you

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