Angelo Flaccavento

Angelo Flaccavento is an independent, Italy-based fashion writer, who contributes to a roster of Italian and international publications. He is currently the fashion features editor at The End magazine, and a contributing editor to Uomo Vogue, Il Sole 24 Ore, GQ Style Italia and He also regularly writes for Fantastic Man and Vogue Italia, and is the fashion co-curator at Fondazione Claudio Buziol in Venice. He has worked at Rodeo as a fashion features editor, and as an Italian correspondent for the seminal Dutch magazine. An accomplished illustrator, Flaccavento has also published his pen and ink drawings in Tank, Sport&Street and Metal, and printed them on limited-edition t-shirts.

What’s hot right now?
Twisted simplicity. Subtraction. Doing more with less. It’s easier to say than it is to practice, but challenges are always hot, no?

What is the essence of style?
I’m afraid style is impossible to define in a single way, or even to define for good. It depends so much on each individual’s personality. From my experience and point of view, I’d say its essence is a mix of rigor, obsessive dedication, disregard for rules and a healthy appreciation for the ridiculous aspects of life. Taking yourself not too seriously is mandatory, because, after all, it’s just clothes.

What’s your favorite online destination?
Apart from the news and vintage porn? Mhhh, so hard to say. I’m not loyal to any blog, apart from Cathy Horyn. I follow good old Sartorialist, Jak and Jil and something else, but I do rarely pay attention to what they write. There’s too much pointless, ego-driven blah blah going on in cyberspace. That’s why I find a Tumblr like Not Myshoot so fantastically inspiring: the quality of the images is outstanding, and there’s no words. Otherwise, I just Google whatever I am interested in at the moment, and go. I do rarely shop online—for me buying clothes is a physical experience, and I always like the interaction with the shop owner or shop assistant.

What’s your favorite store?
I buy everywhere, but tend to gravitare towards the very old-looking shops, like Campo here in Ragusa where I live. Vertice in Turin has a strong selection of tailoring and ties, and the owner, Roberto Trapani, has such a deep knowledge for fashion and good taste. He courts my fearless fashion side so well, I end up spending fortunes. I love Charvet in Paris for the bowties and the robes the chambre, and Jil Sander in Milan for the faultless suits.

What’s your favorite fashion item ever?
It changes with the times, which means I don’t really have a favorite fashion item. But, summer or winter, you’ll rarely see me around without a tailored jacket and a shirt, preferably with bowtie or necktie. I was, quite literally, born with a jacket!

What were your favorite fall 2010 menswear shows?
Raf Simons, because it was graphic and bold. Dries Van Noten, for the experimental romanticism. Rick Owens for its pure, monastic strength and the genderless vibe. Damir Doma, because it was dreamy and serene. And, may I confess, Giorgio Amani, for the capes and the velvet.

Who are your favorite new menswear designers?
Damir Doma, Patrick Ervell, Antonio Azzuolo, Kolor.

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