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Bliss Lau

Blisswindow2New York based independent designer Bliss Lau has become known for redefining both how and where to wear jewelry. Originally from Honolulu, Bliss moved to New York to study apparel at Parsons the New School of Design. After graduation, she launched her eponymous collection of handbags in 2003, but she soon found her niche in body jewelry. Her autumn/winter ’11 collection “Embraced” is a study in transparency, a series of garment-like leather and chain pieces inspired by the sensuality of being a woman and how it is translated in movement, motion and muscle structure.

What’s hot right now?
Volume is the new direction in design. We have been focusing on raising hemlines and skin-tight garments for some time now. And although that is still relevant, I think changing the shape of the body and adding volume to the form with apparel or jewelry is the new direction. Ultimately we are building up and out instead of on. Oversized and overdone is what I see people getting excited about.

What role should jewelry play in a woman’s wardrobe?
Change your jewelry and the outfit can stay the same. Right now it’s about dressing up simple clothing with jewelry. Many of my pieces can be worn three or four different ways, and therefore a single piece of jewelry can transform one outfit into many. Also, jewelry is now bigger and more bold, it has become the true visual expression of self. I think the jewelry we wear tells the story of who we are for all to read.

What were your favorite collections from the week thus far?
Gary Graham’s collection was fantastic and the layered looks awkwardly worked perfectly together. I loved the cocoon-on-the-bottom of a short sleeved coat. His collection made me want to drink fresh green juice and sit outside in the snow. Prabal Gurung’s show had an approachable sexiness and softness to it and it reminded me of something Tom Ford once said: “it brought back the days when women in fashion were kissable.”

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