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Bradley Livingstone Black

Bradley Livingstone Black’s art draws from a wide range of unique experiences and talents. Raised outside Toronto, Livingstone Black studied pre-med while attending Duke University on a golf and tennis scholarship and also working at Ford Models. After doing stem cell research at the university’s medical center, he transitioned away from medical science into art by pursuing an MFA at the New York Academy of Art’s Graduate School of Figurative Art. Experimenting with traditional portraiture, Livingstone Black’s work explores both form and function of the body. His distinctive pieces have drawn patrons such as the Duchess of Marlborough and the Princess of Spain.

What’s hot right now?
Philanthropy and giving back are perennially in fashion. Metowe transforms consumers into world-changers; it’s a great Canadian initiative. Also The Art of Elysium, which provides artistic workshops for children who are battling serious medical conditions. I dedicated the proceeds of my current exhibition of portraits at the Bosi Damjanovic Gallery in New York City’s Lower East Side to this worthy and special organization.

What are your favorite places to go to?
I love the North Fork when I need to escape the city, carrying on the tradition of artists seeking refuge and inspiration out on Long Island. When there, some local haunts I enjoy are locavore favorites The North Fork Table and Inn, Raphael Vineyards and Jedediah Hawkins Inn.

What are some of the biggest trends in art right now?
I’m not really a trend-driven guy in general. I pay attention to individuality and new directions. I’m always curious about the figure and how it resonates in people’s work. I do enjoy following Gagosian‘s roster of artists, including Jenny Saville, Richard Serra and Carsten Holler. Holler’s current exhibit, The Experience, at The New Museum on the Bowery is massively creative

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  1. I enjoy most of the JC Report trendsetter’s interviews, but I give this one five stars. The focus on Philanthropy is rare and very much needed these days. Being generous and stylish is compatible. Thanks Bradley to give another proof of it today…

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