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Bregje Lampe

Bregje LampeDutch-born Bregje Lampe graduated with an MA in Fashion Journalism at the London College of Fashion. Now based back in her native Netherlands, Bregje is fashion editor at Het Parool, one of Holland’s most widely read newspapers, where she continues to hone her stylistic eye and influence the country’s most discerning tastemakers.

What’s hot right now?
Prada’s baroque monkeys. I liked seeing such a dynamic collection instead of another collection based on the look of heritage—good basic shapes and brilliant bold colors. And, not talking fashion I’d say energy is hot right now. With winter kicking in slowly, I’d like to collect some extra energy for the next couple of months.

What are your favorite looks in Amsterdam?
I like how Amsterdam has a style of its own. It is not as chic as Paris, neither is it as hip and cool as London, but it is quite quirky, streetwise, practical—semi-nonchalant, as if people don’t give a fuck, which is true, sometimes. Also, I’ve got some least favorite looks: there’s too much beige going on here and the majority of Dutch women do not look good in beige, in case you haven’t yet visited us. Girls tend to over-embellish—they might have a clue of what is going on, but they’re inclined to wear it all at once (think: frilly skirts plus over-the-knee boots plus a long camisole plus a big sweater plus a belt).

How about Dutch fashion overall?
There is still a lot of work to do, but new initiatives such as the series of presentations recently organised by Salon 1 look promising. I like the fact that people take up initiatives like this. And with designers like Viktor & Rolf, Spijkers & Spijkers, Klavers Van Engelen, Ronald van der Kemp and Monique van Heist, I do believe in the future of Dutch fashion. There’s definitely enough talented people around to make it work.

What are you looking forward to?
Snow and light blue skies. I think that is about the most beautiful weather possible. Amsterdam looks absolutely gorgeous in winter and I won’t be cold since I can wear a warm and woolly, super-stylish, 3/4 length Celine coat I ordered a while ago in Paris, which should hit the shop soon. So it’s due to a coat that I don’t mind winter kicking in anytime soon.

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