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Brenda Harvey

Brenda Harvey is the one-woman show behind Benah, a minimalist and elegant accessories label. Growing up in rural New Zealand, Harvey was inspired by her mother’s creative fortitude in the face of limited resources. After working on the analytical side of the business spectrum, Harvey decided to return to her creative roots with Benah. Her designs range from shoulder bags to geometric print silk scarves, brightly colored iPad cases, travel pockets and backpacks, the majority of which are composed of canvas and subtle leather detailing. One part hippie-chic, one part nature-loving jetsetter, Benah’s ultra-spirited aesthetic and understated luxury traverses both boundaries and typical accessories expectations.

What’s hot right now?
Cat eye glasses because they are elegant and always flattering. And why wouldn’t you wear a shape that brings out the natural line of your cheekbone anyway?

What’s your fashion staple?
Always mixing in a little timeless elegance. I love when people can’t place something you are wearing. It makes an outfit. My Chanel J12 is perfect and I never leave home without it.

What are you looking forward to for fall, style-wise?
Wrapping myself in 100% cashmere and really pushing boundaries of wearing prints via my new silk scarves.

Why should women wear scarves?
They are the ultimate chic accessory! A scarf can transcend seasons, age, shape and size be it through a turban, a top, a belt, a bag-tie or around a wrist. Not only are they practical, they add an important pop of color and can take you from day to night. Scarves, in fact, have always been where its at!!

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