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Brett Bailey

Brett Bailey

Brett Bailey grew up obsessed with Old Hollywood movie musicals such as Cabaret and All That Jazz thanks to his quirky “fruit shoe” wearing grandmother. A California native, he channeled his love of musicals into dancing and performed professionally by the age of fourteen. After appearing in a Britney Spears Vogue shoot that emphasized fashion’s finest labels and movie production-like sets mixed with dance and movement, Bailey was inspired to make the jump into fashion styling. He has since collaborated with major fashion photographers including Ellen Von Unwerth, Hillary Walsh, Nick Haymes, Jeremy Kost and Tesh, and has styled talented musicians, including Nikki Minaj, Casey Spooner, The Phantograms, Sleigh Bells, Uffie and Muse. Bailey has also created customized pieces for icons Lady Gaga and Rihanna. His work has been featured in Dazed & Confused, Mykro, The New Tough, Metal, Spin, GQ, Flaunt and French Playboy.

What’s hot right now?
Liberation! The fascination with current trends has just become irrelevant. It’s 2012, people are sick of being confined to the perameters of reality. Everyone wants to be free—it’s the end of the world after all.

What do you consider “compelling” in subjects?
Characters who commit to their own identity.

Who are your favorite photographers?
Nobuyoshi Araki, Robbert Mapplethorpe and Damon Baker. All three are legends in their own right.

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