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Brian Gorman

Brian GormanBased between Miami and New York, Lords South Beach founder Brian Gorman has been immersed in the world of hospitality since his childhood. He began his career at BBG-BBGM, a leading global architectural and interior design firm, and later was the vice president of development at a Manhattan-based real estate sales and marketing agency, where he secured various real estate and hospitality contracts worth more than $10 billion within three years. At both of these firms, Gorman was involved in various initiatives including project management, design, branding, marketing and sales. He is an active supporter of several charitable organizations dedicated to serving a variety of LGBT-related causes.

What’s hot right now?
The gay scene in Miami is making a definite comeback. There is nice buzz right now locally. It never left entirely of course, but for many, especially travelers, I think it fell off the map a bit. We are pleased to be a part of that resurgence. Our Punch Brunch on Sundays has been a huge hit—it’s fun and social and usually carries on well into the evening. There are no velvet ropes; the idea is to be welcoming. It’s important to us to be a part of the community, which I hope is a trend we will continue to see elsewhere as well.

What are the most palpable fashion trends in Miami now?
What’s great about Miami is that it is a lot more international then I think people realize. What comes along with that, as it relates to fashion, is a variety of styles from different parts of the world, so it’s hard to put my finger on any one specific trend. Although I will say people take their beachwear—or lack there of in many cases—very seriously!

Where are the best shopping spots in Miami?
The Webster continues to carry a unique selection of brands and great accessories. I just bought a pair of Wayfarer sunglasses that I love. Tomas Maier is another favorite for Miami-appropriate basics that are classic and well made. I buy my swim suits at Parke and Ronen; they have a great selection of colors and styles. Alchemist has great things as well and the architecture of the building—it’s located in the new Herzog and de Meuron designed parking garage—is fantastic. We are in the process of opening our lobby boutique very soon; we will carry a unique and edited selection of fun beachwear and accessories.

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