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Carlotta Blume

About Carlotta:

Carlotta was born in Italy but currently  lives between Milan and New York City. She is the founder and creative director of the eponymous line B L U M E.


What’s hot right now?

Always doing what you love with care and time.


What was the most fashionable thing you last bought?

A vintage Yamamoto coat.


What destination are you most looking forward to traveling to right now?

Next easy trip will be Marrakesh. The big one is a ride all over the west American coast and parks with the Triumph.


What’s on your style wish list?

Pieces with more attention to details and quality, less cheap and trash products. I want clothing that reflects a unique style and way of thinking.


What’s on heavy rotation in your wardrobe currently?

Asymmetric black B L U M E outfits and well cut black B L U M E coats paired with heavy boots and high wedges.




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