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Caroline Gaimari

Carolina GaimariCaroline Gaimari is the director and executive editor of Purple Fashion magazine. The Parisian cult magazine was started by Olivier Zahm and Elein Fleiss in 1992 and now boasts an international cast of tastemakers, fashion legends and artists among its subjects and readers. Gaimari also works daily on feeding Purple‘s most recent project, while splitting her time between Paris and New York.

What’s hot right now in Paris?
Betony Vernon and her recently finished Eden, a private erotic studio where she teaches “intimacy lessons” as I like to think of them. Uffie‘s new album Sex, Dreams, and Denim Jeans. She worked with several producers including Mirwais, who produced Madonna’s American Life. The Serge Lutens flagship in Palais Royal sells the most signature and rich scents there are; I wear Ambre Sultan in Paris and Feminite du Bois in NY. Loveboat Karaoke started at Le Baron in Cannes and is now continuing once a month at Le Baron in Paris—it’s pretty dark and drunk but it’s hilarious. Olympia Le Tan makes custom lettering that she embroiders onto a denim jacket that you give her. The only condition is that it has to be a song title. I am waiting for her to finish mine! Tuesday through Thursday at Montana. Les Archives de la Presse is a mecca for old issues of L’Egoiste, Lui, and OZ magazines. Gaspar Noé is the best young French filmmaker (although he
is of Argentine blood).

What do you like in New York at the moment?
Sophomore is run by my two friends Chrissie Miller and Madeleine von Froomer (who started at Proenza). I swear these t-shirts are the softest and best cut out there—I wear at least one piece of Sophomore clothing every day. I love all of José Parla‘s large scale works. Although he’s more Miami than NY, he will challenge anyone to a breakdance battle. Other artists I love are Dan Colen, Robert Hawkins, Paul McCarthy and Rita Ackermann. Hester Street Market has the best food and amazing inexpensive vintage finds. Checkout Boomtown Baked Goods (run by A-Ron the Downtown Don’s sisters! The rumor for a while was that A-Ron himself was baking them) for delicious vegan treats. I am excited about The Hole, which is the new gallery created by the Deitch girls now that Jeffrey Deitch left for MOCA in LA.

Who are your favorite fashion designers?
From London: Christopher Kane because he is doing something equally brilliant for his namesake line and for Versus; Erdem for his beautiful prints; Mark Fast for his distinct vision; and I am also watching Emilio de la Morena, Marios Schwab, Charlotte Olympia and Peter Pilotto. As far as French designers go: Stefano Pilati for a wearable, chic, modern version of the YSL woman. I love Karl Lagerfeld for the way he keeps the myth and fantasy of French fashion, and the maison Chanel alive with his fantastic, over-the-top shows and collections. Nicolas Ghesquiere is an obvious choice, but he is the person that is keeping fashion interesting and has the most anticipated collection of each season. Also, the young designer CALLA is a friend of mine. She’s from Canada and makes great fitted sexy dresses and has fabulous watercolor prints. I am waiting for her to do a study on corsets to update her robe gaine! I also love Thomas Wylde for scarves and Ligia Dias for accessories. And in New York, Juan Carlos Obando, Proenza and Frank Tell are my favorite creative shows—breaths of fresh air from a very commercial scene.

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