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Charlotte Carey

Charlotte CareyCharlotte Carey is a rising New York-based model. Half-Indonesian, half-European, she spent her early childhood in Indonesia before moving to California. Although she’s already fronted a Rock & Republic campaign and appeared in numerous magazine editorials, 19-year-old Carey fantasizes about eventually going to music school to continue her lifelong piano training.

What’s hot right now?
I think what’s hot is cool bands doing fashion shows like Thom Yorke for Rag + Bone, Phillip Glass for Louis Vuitton and Florence + the Machine for Chanel. There’s a band that I’m really interested in called Officer Murphy—I’d love to listen to them preform for fashion shows since their music is amazing and they do video art along with it! Also this magazine called The New Tough is pretty hot right now. A good friend of mine, Robin Black, created [it as] this art and photography magazine, and it’s really open about a lot of things, which is awesome and features a lot of great stuff. It’s getting bigger and bigger! Check out the site!

What are you looking forward to most right now?
I’m looking forward to a lot of chances! The Chanel Bombay show used eastern Asian girls—there should be more! Also noticing from castings, girls are going crazy with their sense of style, going all out and being confident about it. It’s amazing!

What’s on heavy rotation in your wardrobe?
Depends on my mood. I usually wear black, which is great but I’m starting to wear a lot of white! I love it. When I’m working and I’m getting free trade, I’m always looking for white! White dresses, white shirts, white pants! I just can’t wait for spring and summer to hit so I can go crazy with them! I also have crazy vintage designer print dresses that I will be wearing a lot this year as well!

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