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Chris Habana

Chris HabanaChris Habana‘s life has spanned multiple worlds. From the Philippines to the US, from fantasy and sci-fi to ’90s counter-culture, his dual influences have defined both his identity and aesthetic outlook. Now based in New York, Habana takes gothic iconography and filters it through a pop lens for his playful yet subversive jewelry line. Featured everywhere from Vogue Italy to the New York Times and sold at edgy boutiques like Seven New York and Oak as well as commercial shops like Selfridges and Harvey Nichols, Habana’s daring, multi-gender designs are must-have accessories for every stylish individual.

What’s hot right now?
I am really into layering my clothing in the reverse order or backwards. I often wear a pair of shorts over a pair of pants. Being a jewelry designer, I love wearing jewelry in all forms and I tend to layer them heavily. Food-wise, Esperanto on Avenue C is such a great place to go to hang out and eat—Brazilian done well is always good. I also recently went to Peels, and the food was out of this world. Grill 21 has some amazing food and although I haven’t been back to the Philippines in over 20 years, it’s the closest thing that I can get to the real thing. Paul’s Burger Joint in the East Village also has some really great burgers—smelling like grease is always hot. The Everything party at Bedlam on Thursday’s is great. I go there almost every time (it helps that I also live a few blocks away). Gag at Metropolitan is also kinda amazing. And as always, Vandam Sundays is tried and true. When staying in, my favorite thing to do—and what I think my friends like to do—is come over to my apartment and watch Ru Paul’s Drag Race, playing dress up and dancing. Yes, dancing is hot. New York has gotten “cold” as of late in that department. At the moment, I am listening to Twin Shadow, New Order, The Glove, The Cure, old Madonna, anything Michael Magnan plays on his set.

What fashion trend should we pay attention to right now?
Pay attention to your own instincts, and try dressing up without a full length mirror. You’ll be surprised as to what comes out of it.

What is the most essential accessory for men?
Cuffs. Earcuffs, nosecuffs, handcuffs. FYI: stay tuned to my s/s ’11 and a/w’11 collections.

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