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Clare Read

Clare-ReadClare Read is a make-up and body artist. Currently based in New York for the summer, she splits her time between London and New York.

What is hot right now?
Homemade tattoos, motorbikes, weird collage, taxidermi, green juices. I am always inspired by music from homemade tapes and live music I have been listening to (lately: Gang Gang Dance, David Byrne, Matt Caputo). Hole Gallery NYC on Bowery. Artists: Deidre but-husaim, Aerosyn-Lex, Chenman, Quentin Jones, Ex de Medici

What are the most coveted make up brands right now?
I think MAC is still one of the best brands in the industry. Their product range allows you to you make any texture, color and tone you desire and the pigments are strong. Givenchy is also exciting with some new amazing colors and bringing out products that other brands do not have. Amazing mascaras.

What’s the best approach to make-up during the dog days of summer?
After spending most of this summer in New York, there is no avoiding the sun and perspiration. Less is best. I wear La Roche Posay 50+ at all times, a light tinted moisturizer from MAC, SPF lipgloss, waterproof mascara, Shiseido blot papers are great to de-shine.

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