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Dana Al-Khalifa

Dana Al-KhalifaAfter an admiring cousin begged her to photograph each outfit she was packing for a vacation, Dana Al-Khalifa realized that her natural eye for style had a place outside her own wardrobe. She launched in 2009 as an online editorial platform for international fashionistas and later founded a consultancy business that hosts new designers in the Middle East. A purveyor of fresh talent that might otherwise be overlooked in the over-saturated market, Al-Khalifa has helped introduce designers to consumers seeking unique, hard-to-find items.

What’s hot right now?
Right now I’m really into film noir, black-and-white films and photos in general. They capture so much drama yet leave the viewer with so much mystery. Black-and-white focuses on detail rather than the general look of a picture. This goes hand in hand with my obsession with vintage clothing and handbags. I love items that tell a story, that have a soul—these characteristics, like a black-and-white photo, bring about individuality, an interesting uniqueness to one’s style. It’s so personal, a welcome departure from mass production!

What fashion trend should we pay attention to right now?
Most definitely, couture. At a recent Yves Saint Laurent exhibit at the Fondation Pierre Berge, La Revolution de la Mode, there was an interview with the young Saint Laurent, who at the time wanted to make fashion accessible to women. He was speaking of the accessibility prêt-a-porter would bring to women, a departure from unaffordable couture. Now the market is saturated with prêt-a-porter and people are looking to new designers for a novel way of dressing. Call it couture or call it made to measure, people want something new and they’re satisfying their cravings by leaning towards new “billboard free” designers.

What’s on your favorite list of online sites? is my all time favorite magazine and now that they’re online, I’m on it daily. I love for making it easy for me to dream of my future living rooms—I dream in intricately crafted furniture and beautifully painted walls. is the coolest of cool sites, and I even have my own page of “Loves” on is my guilty pleasure—there, now everyone knows!

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