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DJ Jubilee

JubileeOriginally hailing from South Florida, DJ Jubilee has established herself in the New York music scene with a unique combination of bass-heavy electro, house, UK funky and tropical undertones. The only DJ invited to perform at The New Yorker Festival in 2009, she has also helmed high-profile monthly parties, worked in radio, contributed to podcast series for XLR8R and logged studio time as both a producer (for Udachi’s Paypur EP) and performer (as one half of Bassanovva).

What’s hot right now?
Netflix is so hot right now. For real. Everyone I know has watched Exit Through the Gift Shop within the past three weeks. The documentary section is no joke. I feel like everyone I know is watching the same movies in the same order. Pop music morphing into dance music is hot right now too. Britney Spears Dubstep. Benny Benassi and T Pain. Lady Gaga playing Zomby in between her songs. Diplo/Busta/Tiesto/Chris Brown/what? Really everyone is talking about it even if they “don’t like it.”

What’s the biggest trend in music right now?
I feel like the biggest trend right now is that there is a new hype/trend/genre every few weeks. It’s moving so fast and everyone is making up all these crazy names and sub-genres. came out of nowhere and it’s like a black hole of new music that never ends. It’s super confusing. There is so much going on from “Witch House” to Juke to Moombahton. Another big thing is now it’s cool to like and play whatever you want. R’ n B, grime, rap, techno, house and dancehall can all be played in the same night. I am totally into it.

Is fashion’s role with music still important?
First off I just want to say that right now you can wear ANYTHING. Someone could wear a throw pillow to the club and I wouldn’t even give it a second glance. I feel like certain artists’ fashion sense have definitely showed in their music. And I have seen fans start to dress similar to their favorite artists. We all have. When the Klaxons got big everyone started wearing bright colors and neon. Go to a Trouble and Bass show and kids have their hair slicked back like Drop the Lime. I have seen tons of A-Trak look-a-likes, Matthew Dear look-a-likes, Kim Ann Foxman look-a-likes and rap music has really made some people wear some crazy things. Let’s just hope people don’t follow Gucci Mane and get ice cream cone tattoos on their face.

What’s your on stage wardrobe staple? Why? What about off stage?
Being a female traveling DJ definitely takes a toll on your style. Boys have it so good they can just wear the same thing every day and no one notices. I used to put a lot of thought into everything I wore and go all out, but now my main thought is “what’s the least I can pack and mix and match.” I have learned to always have a really cute onesy, that “one” pair of jeans, the perfect hoodie, a great dress, Doc Martens and a pair of heels that usually never come out of the suitcase but I swear one day I will wear them. Heels and a record bag is worst combo ever. I always have a good hair iron, liquid eyeliner, some cute earrings/necklaces and red lipstick. As far as off stage goes, I am usually in sweatpants while in the studio working on music. And when I go out I try to dress as cute as possible because I have time to get ready at home. Kelly Bundy style dresses and short shorts are for my night out—the nights that I am not working and lugging around a backpack.

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