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Doris Raymond

About Doris:

Doris Raymond is a vintage clothing collector and owner/proprietor of The Way We Wore®. She lives in the heart of Los Angeles and loves animals, children, treasure hunting and traveling. You can follow Doris’s vintage adventures in real time by tuning in to the Smithsonian channel show L.A. Frock Stars which follows the everyday operations of The Way We Wore® and its dedicated team.


What’s hot right now?

What’s hot right now is a little something from every era. Downton Abbey, Boardwalk Empire, and the imminent release of The Great Gatsby have all caused an upsurge in the call for fashions of those eras. More and more brides are opting to go vintage for reasons both economical and the desire to stand out. Trends in bridal run the gamut from Victorian lawn dresses to goddess styles of the 1970′s. It’s also prom season and the girls are clamoring for everything from proper cocktail looks from the 1950s to the outrageous pouf skirted silhouettes of the 1980′s. In retrospect, every era of the 20th century has something to offer the modern fashion connoisseur.


What was the most fashionable thing you last bought?

A fabulous graphic three-piece Franco Moschino 1991 Lichtenstein blouse, skirt, and jacket set. Divine!


What destination are you most looking forward to traveling to right now?

I’m hoping to vacation in the Seychelles this year but have buying trips planned in North Carolina, Pennsylvania, New York, Illinois and Texas.


What’s on your style wish list?

My style wish list will only be topped with an original Charles James! I am also always on the look out for Maison Martin Margiela artisanal pieces – heaven. Any major couture piece of historical significance is high on my priority list, but I also love, love, love kitschy one of a kind pieces that speak to my whimsical side. With vintage sometimes you don’t know what you want until you see it!


What’s on heavy rotation in your wardrobe currently?

Casual clothing. Skinny black jeans and colorful tee shorts, mixed with a fabulous vintage accessory or jacket. I work almost all the time, so I need to wear clothes I can move around in easily.


Image courtesy of: The Smithsonian Channel

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