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Hannah Martin

Hannah MartinHannah Martin founded her eponymous jewelry label in 2005, following her graduation from London’s prestigious Central St Martins. Her vision for the brand—and passion for luxury design—developed during a period working for Cartier in Paris. While there, she vowed to combine the pieces of fine jewelry she worked on by day with the raw hedonism of the rock ‘n roll lifestyle she lived by each night. After establishing the first ever luxury jewelry brand dedicated to men—and for their girlfriends to steal—Martin has been hailed by the international fashion press as one the UK’s hottest designers.

What’s hot now?
Integrity—in style and belief and action.

What is your favorite store in London?
Alfie’s Antiques in Marylebone. It is more a collection of tiny stores under one roof, but it is a treasure trove of 20th century design, vintage fashion and antiques. It’s an amazing place to lose yourself in, hours can pass and it can get dark before you sadly realize you have to leave. The fact that it’s a little shabby around the edges makes it all the better as the vast array of real gems only stand out more. Alfie’s always feels as though it captures a true spirit of London to me.

What’s a must have item for women this spring/summer?
Gold, preferably in the form of a piece or two of Hannah Martin jewelry! Wear your most expensive piece with cut-off denims and a t-shirt—I love this kind of attitude in style.

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