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Harris Elliott

Harris ElliottA firm fixture on London’s styling map, Harris Elliott has styled editorials, ad campaigns, album covers and music videos for 12 years. Elliott is inspired by everything from film to the cultures he encounters in everyday life, the subtle details on a pair of battered brogues and the angle of a hat worn by a pensioner. This attention to style has made him a sought-after stylist for A-list clients from Joseph Fiennes to Nelly Furtado, companies from French Connection to Nike and annual fashion shows for avant-garde trendsetters in Tokyo. In 2009, Elliott launched H by Harris, a line of handmade luxury accessories, which has been embraced by fellow stylists and forward fashionistas for its emphasis on stylishness and practicality.

What’s hot right now?
LN-CC is the only retail destination that allows you into the world inside your dreams. The physical space is like a set from a yet to be released Star Wars movie. The best place to eat is Cocomaya, choclatier and artisan bakery: A Willy Wonka-meets-Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale with food and an environment that melts your imagination. Cocomaya converted me to the joy of chocolate. The hottest music right now has to be by Jay Electronica—super hip-hop for the next few generations.

What’s the biggest trend in London fashion right now?
It feels like many people have gone back in time to old fashioned apprenticeships because workwear is what they/we are wearing. From painters shirts to heavy duty boots, fashion has started getting its garms’ back in that utility mentality.

What role should accessories have in one’s wardrobe?
A choice accessory should always define your look. Carefully considered accessories say way more about someone than a statement coat or dress that might not be in next season. Beautiful shoes or personal yet definitive jewelery exude style, and also mean that you don’t have to try too hard with the garments in between.

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