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Jahn Hall

Jahn HallBorn in Southern Germany, raised in Northern California and now based in Brooklyn, Jahn Hall has variously worked as a stylist, photographer and producer. He is also the co-founder of BKLYN Dry Goods, a curated menswear vintage pop-up concept that has made a splash in New York’s ever forward-thinking fashion scene.

What’s hot right now?
In so many ways, people are tiring of fast solutions. Fast food, fast production—it ultimately fails to satiate in the same way a home-cooked meal or a hand knit sweater can. There’s something to be said about something that’s crafted rather than manufactured or produced. We want to engage in the things we buy in a more intimate way. I hope to continue to see this shift toward all things local (or at least regionally specialized) like local foods, regional products and a sense of care and responsibility to the world as a whole and the community around you.

What is the best kept fashion secret in Brooklyn?
I don’t think Brooklyn has many fashion secrets remaining any longer. More so, I think there is a crowd of incredible talent based in Brooklyn hoping to get picked up by the majors like Barneys or Bloomingdales alongside the sea of pop-star brands and big names. Brands like AANDD, Layerxlayer and George McCracken all have an incredible sensibility.

What are you most looking forward to in terms of spring fashion?
Come spring, I’m all about khaki cut-offs, mariner stripes, L.L. Bean anoraks in every color and my Quoddy moccs.

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