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Jan Mihm

Jan MihmJan Mihm is co-pilot at USLU airlines, HNIC at Art Is The Alibi. and CCO at Shukran Cola. Born in Germeny, he is based in Berlin with his two children.

What’s hot right now?
Hot now is political involvement, fighting the system, re-inventing society, putting heart before hedge funds. More people realize that as good as a bio potato might be, what really counts is who gets to eat. That potato, or a steak or even anything at all. I am confident that we will see Main Street occupied and more Tahrir Squares.

What are you looking forward to most in the new year?
I am looking forward to the re-birth of lipstick (because I like to kiss) and the elimination of gender differentiation in makeup. Male nail polish as a first is already there!

What do you think will be big trends?
In style and fashion, we will see a further reflection on the above mentioned political motions and standpoints. I expect a color and style coded lingo to express one’s position—similar to team apparel in European soccer, US college football or youth movements in general. “Who’s team are you with? What’s your gang? What do you stand for?” will be an inherent question when it comes to designer choice and brand image. We will wear certain designers to show our association and sympathy with a cause or an opinion.

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