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Jason Jean

Jason Jean is a former tax professional turned photographer. After being diagnosed with juvenile glaucoma and becoming partially blind, Jean spent several years in the public accounting industry. He eventually decided to explore his creative side, which had been suppressed since childhood, and started shooting in mid-2008. Jean quickly fell in love with capturing style and fashion, which led to the establishment of Citizen Couture in 2009.

What’s hot right now?
I’m horrible when it comes to reading on trends because I don’t necessary focus on trends when photographing. However, I do take notice of the frequency of certain looks/products outside runway shows. Besides trends like faux-fur, polka dots, maxi-dress and sheer clothing, there are three particular things that I’ve seen so often in the last few months:

a. Wrist accessories/bracelets: I received my first one in Milan when a scam artist known as “string men” offered me a colorful bracelet as a gift, claiming it’s good luck from his country. Needless to say, he demanded payment after the bracelet was tied to my wrist. I kept the bracelet on my wrist ever since, only to find myself looking for more at various flea markets. Wrist bracelets have gained so much popularity for both sexes that some are sporting five to ten on each wrist!

b. Prada’s brogue-sneakers: They’re a mix of brogues and espadrilles, and they are everywhere on men and women! I can’t even describe how often I’ve seen them and I actually like them too.

c. Celine clutches: You’ve probably seen their totes last year, but their colorful clutches have been spotted everywhere during fashion week since February.

What makes a compelling subject for you?
There aren’t any particular looks or styles that makes a compelling subject for me. I may keep note of fashion trends, but I generally like a cohesive outfit. I think everyone has their own style and it’s the confidence and ownership they exude that attracts my attention.

What impending fashion trend are you noticing from your subjects’ outfits?
I wouldn’t say this is a new trend, but I can definitely see stronger use of colors and patterns. I think with fashion/style being more open, people may be more comfortable experimenting with such things.

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