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Johnny Misheff

JohnnyMisheffNew York-based journalist Johnny Misheff writes about the worlds of art, fashion and culture, lending a distinct voice to the on-going collective discourse. Writing for a variety of publications, including The New York Times,, DIS Magazine and V Magazine, Misheff has a broad understanding of, and has written extensively about, the trends that shape the world as we know it. Having also worked extensively in marketing/communications, on a consulting basis for boutique clothing brands and currently as the Communication Manager at SWELL, a unique and innovative creative agency, Misheff is well versed in all matters of media—be it social or digital. He is also proud to be the founder, editor and curator of, an online arts publication that serves as an insider round table on the art world. Artists, curators and gallerists such as Kelly Taxter, Ryan McNamara, Kalup Linzy, Rita Ackermann and David Sherry have all lent their voices to Rereveal in one way or another.

What’s hot right now?
I’m equally pulled toward and repelled by all the latest technologies. At SWELL, we crack jokes about how crazy the future is looking what with all the advances in augmented realities and artificial intelligence. On the one hand, it’s absolutely terrifying to consider the Terminator-esque possibilities. On the other hand, things are looking a little lighter, less drastic, too. For instance, I’m not a big video game guy, but the gaming world is looking pretty fun and much more positive, issuing fewer bloody war games and more physical activity-based games lacking violence. New toys like Microsoft’s Kinect eliminate controllers and rely on body movement, using three “eyes” to track players and a seriously mind-boggling series of algorithms that are capable of registering people of a wide variety of sizes and shapes. This scares and delights me all at once. But I should emphasize that these new games are considerably less violent and rely on more interactive physical exertion, and that is a direction I’m totally into.

What are your go-to pieces for fall?
I don’t know what I’d do without my Vasque Skywalks, they’re incredibly durable and have such a handsome and classic design. I’ve had the same pair for over ten years now and have had them re-soled twice. I’ll be layering a lot, as per usual this fall. I like to go see Conrad at the Brooklyn Flea Market for his incredible selection of vintage LL Bean and Patagonia outerwear, and the best chunky sweaters around. I pretty much stick to a uniform. I can’t even tell you how many classic blue oxford button-downs I own (Band Of Outsiders makes the best). I pair them with basic khaki’s or a nice, naturally worn-in pair of APC jeans and call it a day. My black Y-3 leather motorcycle gloves lined in cashmere are probably the most ambitious pieces of clothing I own and I’m completely obsessed with them.

What should men buy to amplify their style quotient?
I will say this: unless you’re one of the few dudes who can actually get away with the brilliantly avant looks from designers like Siki Im or Rick Owens, keep it simple. And cool it on all the contrived rustic looks—if you need to drag a pair of jeans through a cement mixer to make them look cool, you’re wasting precious time. On a side note, if you would like to throw in some color, please, please grab one of those red velvet Adam Kimmel suits (with or without those awesomely creepy masks!).

Photo: Kevin Tachman

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