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Josh Rosen

RosenBorn and raised in Seattle, Josh Rosen grew up snowboarding before becoming an avid surfer upon moving to San Diego for college. Now a New York resident of ten years, Rosen worked doing distribution and sales management for mostly Swedish fashion brands before founding NYC surf brand and shop Saturdays with Morgan Collett and Colin Tunstall.

What’s hot right now?
What I find cool in the city right now is the rebirth of Americana—not just in clothing, but in almost anything. From going to a restaurant for locally sourced ingredients to finding a backpack that is made in Duluth, Minnesota, there is a feeling when you are eating or using something that someone put the proper amount of time into growing and cultivating or hammering and sewing. You can taste it and feel it. I think denim helped this to become a trend. Watching your raw jeans age slowly has allowed people to understand what quality in fabric is all about. When I sold people Nudie jean, which were a 14-ounce raw denim, and explained that you cannot wash them for six months, I used to get laughed at. Now it’s just common practice. It’s about wearing something in until it’s perfect instead of buying a pre-worn “look,” wearing it for a while and throwing it out.

Why is surfwear and surf culture so appealing?
Surfwear is appealing because of what it represents. I think most people would love to spend the rest of there lives on a beach, in the ocean. It’s romantic. Surfing also has a great heritage. Exploring unknown parts of the planet looking for a perfect deserted wave. It all gives you a general feeling of power and beauty. I think this is why so many companies use it for inspiration when designing their clothing lines for spring/summer. My three partners and I try use all that has come from surfing over the years, but we also integrate our current lifestyle: Living and surfing in New York City.

What are your current menswear staples?
I have always been a t-shirt and jeans guy. At some point in my twenties I went from Hanes tee’s to Hanes V necks. I wear a straight leg jean from RRL or APC. For summer, you will find me in a Canvas Vans or Spring Court Sneaker. Winter in NYC demands a good boot. I like a basic boot from Redwing. I love a thick, heavy sweater with a nice warm wool jacket. I think it’s important to dress like a man, but keep it fitted. This spring, I will be wearing a lot of the Saturdays line. So many great looking pieces.

Any fashion predictions for 2011?
I think the look for s/s ’11 will have lots of variations on stripes. I see Safari style coming back as well.

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