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Jules Wright

Jules WrightJules Wright is known for making visitors feel right at home when they arrive at London’s edgy multimedia experience The Wapping Project. Launched in 2000, the venue combines contemporary art, theater, film and fine dining, set in the industrialized surrounds of a machinery-laden former hydraulic power station. In addition to serving as the Wrapping Project’s director and curator, Australian-born Wright has a doctorate in psychology and previously served as deputy artistic director of the Royal Court Theatre and ran the Liverpool Playhouse.

What’s hot now?
Collecting photography (especially fashion photography), film and video. Buying bite-sized books, beautifully designed and first editions.

What is your favorite place London?
The George and Dragon on Kingsland Road. It has the best and wildest DJs in London, who dress to kill in their alter ego’s clothes—very fashionable, very witty, very cool.

What makes London a breeding ground for creative people like yourself?
We are all homeless, don’t fit in, are living in a foreign city and have nothing to make but ourselves!

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