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Krista Freibaum

Krista FreibaumKrista Freibaum is the co-founder of Serious Business, a boutique new media PR agency that helps clients deploy innovation and creativity in telling their stories online. A digital native with a background in new media editorial and a focus in digital art and music, Freibaum is most intrigued by helping brands use innovation and creativity to make headlines and create content that is inherently newsworthy. Serious Business was launched in late 2009 and has since worked with clients such as AOL, Partners & Spade, Edun, Moleskine, Mr. Porter, Playboy, Garage Magazine and New Museum.

What’s hot right now?
Lasers, kittens, kittens with lasers, Michael Fassbender. Michael Fassbender with kittens & lasers? Also, the totally, 100% interactive Carsten Höller Experience exhibit—with the notorious slide—on show in New York right now. The new Diane Keaton book, which I haven’t read yet because I am fully expecting it to be gifted to me for the holidays—she’s my style hero. Not sure what’s up with her recent Chico’s collaboration though…

What are you looking forward to this holiday season?
Holiday parties. I think the best parties are holiday parties, they’ve all got that “It’s a Wonderful Life” vibe, but with way more drunk people. Also during the holidays is the only real time I get to play my Xbox. I’m obsessed with the Michael Jackson dancing game for Kinect. I’m predicting my MJ moves will be fully honed by the start of 2012.

What digital platforms are you most into right now?
I’ve been on Tumblr for years—most-recently nurturing a Clair Huxtable fashion obsession—but am now mainly focused on Twitter, Instagram and Svpply. I feel like those are the only places my mom can’t fully stalk me (just kidding, mom, if you’re reading this). I actually just really like the platforms that are visually driven and designed with the user experience in mind. That’s why I love Svpply—that, and it plays into my online shopping addiction quite nicely. Other than that, I’m really looking forward to the new Kindle iterations and any evolutions that Microsoft will make in the gaming sector.

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