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What’s hot right now?
Global warming, literally. Fashion trends come and go, thankfully I tend to ignore them. The only thing hot to me these days is a Pussy Riot balaclava. If people cared more about the world we’re living in, I wouldn’t have to be planning my post apocalypse outfit. Hopefully we won’t reach that point in our lifetime, but if we do I’m going to go down dressed like Sean Young in Blade Runner.
What was the most fashionable thing you last bought?
I bought a vintage Norma Kamali 2 piece wool suit that has a long draping scarf attached that doubles as a head wrap. It’s very Pat Cleavland meets Joni Mitchell, it’s my romantic fall favourite.
What destination are you most looking forward to traveling to right now?
Didn’t think I’d ever list Miami, but alas… It is however for Art Basel, so it’s more that I’ll be dancing the nights away under palm trees with all of my friends.
What’s on your style wish list?
As many pairs of high-waisted palazzo pants as I can find. While I’m glad they never seem to catch on as a trend, I wish enough people were making them so I can buy them all up; they’re forever chic.
What’s on heavy rotation in your wardrobe currently?
I’m obsessed with the colour story of my new Givenchy purse. It’s eye popping red, brown, & nude with black accents. It also matches my new nude nail polish. The colour’s called ‘Don’t Pretzel My Buttons’ I think that says it all!

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