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Liz Forkin Bohannon

 About Liz:

Liz is the founder and CEO of Sseko Designs. She splits her time between Portland, OR and East Africa, where Sseko is based. You can find out more about Liz and her company at


What’s hot right now?

Caring about how your fashion consumption affects the rest of the world. Being conscious and compassionate has never been more ‘on-   trend.’


What was the most fashionable thing you last bought?

A vintage short, long-sleeved dress with a muted geometric print and the most beautiful glass beading across the shoulders.


What destination are you most looking forward to traveling to right now?

Morocco! I can’t wait to experience the wild fusion of cultures that seem to collide here.


What’s on your style wish list?

A pair of Lanvin loafers. I will never not be in love with menswear.


What’s on heavy rotation in your wardrobe currently?

High waisted jeans, cropped t’s and ankle boots are my current casual go-to.


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