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Lydia RodriguesWhat’s hot right now:

What I truly like are people who care, people who do things from the heart, people in restaurants who treat regulars as they would newcomers.

I love the idea of wearing a pair of navy blue Dries Van Noten heels with Antipast navy blue tights, a silver silk Christian Wijnants dress, holding a Various Projects navy blue angora covered brick, while listening to A Class and Felix Kubin, sipping on a latte macchiato (yes ok, I wish I was in Berlin) at Abraco.

I also like to think of all the fun people are having right now at Project No. 8, trying on Tom Scott hair hats—the fascination that turns into inspiration with indigo dyed Tsurukichi skirts.

And, of course, my friends—I like the music Daniel introduces me to, the clothes Elizabeth introduces me to, the furniture designers Brian introduces me to, the styles that Oriah pulls off (and we share), the super crazy colored leggings Joe got on a heap of clothes at a Bordeaux flea market and dancing with Jennifer. It’s always been like that.

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