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Mandy Coon

Mandy-CoonMandy Coon is a woman of many monikers. The Texas-raised, New York-based talent worked as both a model and DJ before turning to fashion design full time. Now on her second collection, Coon’s eponymous label is the stuff of conceptual imagination—it’s full of contrasting materials, sculptural structures set against organic shapes and occasional shocks of color amid an otherwise dark palette.

What’s hot right now?
I’m obsessed with Babycakes Bakery right now. I’ve got a wheat allergy, and it got me through last fashion week and no sleep. I’m also loving the sculptures of Pamela Sunday, brunches at Prune, LD Tuttle shoes, Day of the Dead memorabilia, turtlenecks and my dog! I’m feeling a real sense of community in the fashion world right now, which I never expected. I’m feeling a lot of love and support, it’s really something special.

Where are your favorite places to go in the fall in New York?
Marlow and Sons in Williamsburg—it’s one of my favorite places in the world. I love their approach to local and seasonal food and nose-to-tail cooking, and they always have an amazing wine selection. Ramen Setagaya on 1st Avenue—nothing better than a steaming bowl of ramen on a cold day! Uva Wines in Williamsburg—they put a real emphasis on small natural and biodynamic wineries that are really special. Tompkins Square Dog Run—after it’s been hot for months and the weather is turning cold, the dogs tend to get a little friskier this time of year, it’s extremely cute. Trixie and Peanut—for cute dog sweaters, there’s no better store. Prune (as mentioned before)—those bloody marys, and the bone marrow!!

What are you looking forward to the most in terms of fall fashion in New York?
I cannot stand the cold—I am from Texas, after all. But I love coats and layering and cute scarves and gloves. I really have too many coats. Between the ones I’ve made and amazing vintage ones I’ve found over the years, I really have a coat problem. Probably because I don’t like to be cold. My favorite right now is my faux pony (I call it fony) and leather fitted coat with two hoods. Never can have too many hoods! I love starting new knitting projects this time of year, usually too many at once and then I only finish half of them, but it’s one of my favorite things to do.

Photo: Dima Dubson

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