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Marij Elisabeth Rynja

Marij Elisabeth RynjaMarij Elisabeth Rynja has a mission to bring more academic writing into established Dutch fashion media. After graduating in Communication Science (PhD) at the University of Amsterdam in 2009, where she researched fashion behavior and identity construction of young men, Rynja graduated with the Fashion Masters from ArtEZ Arnhem as a fashion academic journalist. She created a rich fashion journal, called The Transgress Journal, about transgressions in men’s fashions gender codes. At the moment, Rynja freelances for SALON/1 and blogs about Dutch fashion culture, men’s fashion, architecture and fashion as well as exhibitions about fashion design.

What’s how right now?
What’s hot is to support your local creative culture, to get to know the designer who designed your products. As a Dutch woman, I prefer the unique, timeless, well-crafted designs the Netherlands has to offer. Why go for brands you have no connection with? Why spend your money on fashion, art and design by famous brands knowing that local designers have something better and more original to offer? What’s hot is to be a Maecenas of your own national fashion and design culture, and forget about luxury conglomerates like LVMH and the likes.

What makes Dutch design distinctive?
Dutch design is known by its “Dutch Modernism,” based on a conceptual approach and the development of clear forms. Dutch design is sober and functional without losing its sex appeal.

Who should we look out for in Dutch design?
Klavers van Engelen, a duo that’s already designed for 12 years and have won several awards. They make well-founded studies of their designs, it’s never put there by accident. Draping, molding and mathematical forms, transparency and lightweight fabrics are key features of this successful designer duo. Lady Gaga and Beyonce love Jan Taminiau‘s Dutch haute couture designs. Hurray for the Fashion Dutch Man—the Netherlands is too small for his designs. Freudenthal/Verhagen‘s pictures have many layers and are very dynamic—probably the next best thing after the famous Inez van Lamsweerde & Vinoodh Matadin. Their latest fashion film Dear Mr/Mrs deserves a look. Yona van Mansfeld just graduated from the ArtEZ fashion masters and created an exiting collection of sculptured dresses. Hyun Yeu makes soft, sophisticated and well-crafted men’s fashion for the new man in town. SALON/1 is the ultimate fashion culture cross-over event in the Netherlands. And Desiree Hammen makes the most delicate contemporary embroideries.

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