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Max Fraser

max fraserMax Fraser is a design commentator, working across the media of books, magazines, exhibitions, video and events to broaden the conversation around contemporary design. He delivers content, commentary and strategy for a variety of public and private bodies in both the UK and abroad. He is also the author of several design books including Designers on Design, which he co-wrote with Sir Terence Conran. More recently, he edited and published London Design Guide.

What’s hot right now?
After a never-ending winter, my bet is the weather.

What is your favorite design store in London?
I explored more 100 design stores in London when I was writing London Design Guide and encountered a huge variety of venues—it is amazing how many stores mimic each other and sell the same things. Someone not doing that nor following the path well trodden is top furniture and product designer Jasper Morrison. He has opened a tiny shop within the spare space of his studio in Shoreditch. With no shop front and only a buzzer for entry, you would never know it is there. He sells super normal home products that have been sourced from around the world—things that are devoid of any style statements and are designed to function well and age gracefully.

What are some of the biggest fashion trends right now?
I loath the notion of trends as it is another word for conformity. There is too much over-designed, over-priced tat. I dream of simplicity and less choice in all areas of life.

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