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Meghan Roche

Meghan RocheSkipping seamlessly between fashion design, illustration and product design, Meghan Roche embodies the versatility and range of modern artistry. Born and raised in Canada but now based in London, Roche has previously worked as a freelancer in print, surface design and graphics but is currently busy as the full-time Artistic Assistant to Christopher Kane.

What’s hot right now?
In terms of fashion, I am constantly searching for unique clothing and accessories that force me to question my aesthetic and current tastes. “What’s Hot” would probably be best translated into “What’s New” in my mind. As for arts, I am currently obsessing over NYC artist Andrew Kuo, particularly his blog. This is art that is intelligent, modern and just so much more fun than anything else right now!

What’s your must have spring wardrobe staple?
If we were talking about fall staples, I’d have to say that Christopher Kane Aqua Clutch Bags are going to top many lists. But this is spring, and I definitely believe in sunglasses as the ultimate spring/summer staple. LN-CC in London stocks the best brands and styles.

What are you looking forward to in London this summer?
I will be splitting my time between Canada and the UK this summer! Here in London, I’m looking forward to taking in all of the festivals and events going on in our neighborhood—Snoop Dogg headlining Love Box in Victoria Park cannot go unmentioned! In Canada, I will be spending some much needed time in the wilderness.

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