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Mélanie Crété

Melanie CreteOriginally from Paris, Mélanie Crété moved to London six years ago to pursue a masters in marketing at Westminster. After a few years in fashion PR—and a bit of DJing on the side—she joined Dazed Group to oversee digital marketing. Crété manages the company’s social media and digital PR activities as well as contra deals for Dazed & Confused and Another Magazine. Last October, Crété fell in love with Tumblr while researching the platform, and soon launched This or That, her personal blog which follows a regular, two-image post that relates to one theme.

What’s hot right now?
Founded by Tom Bioly and Benjamin Fröhlich during Germany’s tropical summer of 2006, Permanent Vacation has established itself as a flagship of the disco movement and its variations (such as balearic, cosmic, kraut rock, proto house), releasing music from artists like Tensnake, Aeroplane, Holy Ghost!, Azari & III, Todd Terje, Antena and many others.

What’s your must read blog?
I don’t really like “reading” online. There are a couple of pictures-based personal blogs I check everyday because I love their style and the selection of images is impressive. Excuse My Avarice and New York City Lights are my favorites.
Apart from that, Another Loves, the recommendation platform from Another Magazine, provides endless inspiration.

What are the digital platforms that creatives use right now?
I’d say showcasing platforms like the Behance Network are very resourceful. I’ve seen lots of people setting up a Tumblr to showcase their work online but also to share things they found funny or to develop a personal concept—a bit like me with This or That! Tumblr is a very social and playful platform, so easy to use. I love it.

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