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Nels M. N. Frye

Nels is the Co-Founder & Creative Director, D&N Men’s Essentials, Editor-in-Chief of LifeStyle Magazine, Blogger for and Founder of Senli & Frye Tailoring

What’s hot right now?
Aside from Beijing itself due to increasing cultural significance, magnetism for creative impresarios like JC and cognitive elites generally, and fresh cosmopolitanism as reflected in new fine dining, stylish residents and plethora of cool events, I would have to say tasseled slippers.  Sure, tasseled loafers have been adored by fashion guys for around four years and the velvet slippers, and other slippers, fascination has been going with brands like Stubbs and Wootton in the forefront, but the next level for many men remains tasseled slippers in velvet and other fun patterns.
What was the most fashionable thing you last bought?
I hate to return to this old chestnut, but fashionable or stylish?  If it’s the former, I would probably have to say the Jonathan Adler gold colored banana that sits on my lucite coffee table.  If we have to stick to clothing and accessories, I would probably to say the navy linen Mao Suit I recently had made.  That fashionable in the sense of not being terribly creative and running with the pack – or the Party, circa 1970.
What destination are you most looking forward to traveling to right now?
Well, beyond the obvious Myanmar before it gets Thailandized, I would have to say Ordos, in Inner Mongolia.  It’s sort of old news but I still have to see all those odd structures.  I have also heard that the world’s largest aquarium is now outside of Jinan.  It cost some private guy a billion dollars.
What’s on your style wish list?
Oh, what a fun opportunity!  There’s almost too much.  Clearly, for a start, brown and cream houndstooth, wool slippers with contrasting velvet tassels in…blue, I think.  Then I think I want a tweed suit – I am not sure about the specific fabric but probably some kind of check – with a contrasting velvet navy shawl color.  I also need a simple, unlined, seersucker suit to be made – I already have the beige and white striped material.  I am thinking about a new coat in either a royal blue or sapphire.  Nice would be a medium brown, unstructured, sport coat with some kind of texture and a breathable wool that doesn’t wrinkle easily and can be thrown in a suitcase.  That is just the beginning.
What’s on heavy rotation in your wardrobe?
Recently, I have been wearing an unlined navy linen jackets with epaulettes and a mandarin color that has pocket details.  I had this made.  I have also been wearing my tweed vintage YSL jackets, as usual.  My patterned Holliday and Brown shirts.  And then my various tasseled loafers from APC, Santoni, etc.

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  1. The real issue in the life of someone who is clearly edgy in his choice of attire, and has a strong sense of individual style, is how to acquire such a wardrobe. But I suppose if you have the quality tailoring and fabric that is associated with Senli and Frye, this is not too big a problem. If Beijing also has a viable resale market developing the secondary problem of closet space can be resolved..

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