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Ninette Murk

Ninette MurkNow known as the force behind Designers Against Aids, Ninette Murk spent over a decade as a fashion editor, director and consultant before founding MintRed PR. Adhering to her principles of independence, creativity and beauty, the company promoted talent from Flanders and Brussels through the MintRed newsletter, while also representing talented designers, photographers and artists. Amid the demands of this pursuit, she also found time to start the international artists’ movement Beauty Without Irony, of which she is also creative director, as well as its offshoot Designers Against Aids. This year alone, she opened the first International HIV/AIDS Awareness Education Center in Antwerp, Belgium, and also published her first book, Designers Against AIDS: The First Decade!, a celebration of pure beauty, idealism and lust for life, which can be ordered from theDAA website and on And at almost 57-years-old, this is only the beginning of Murk’s lasting impact.

What’s hot right now?
What’s hot now is what’s hot forever: pure beauty as can be found in nature, in discovering foreign cultures and also close to home when you look at the people, animals and objects you love (and in the case of the first two, who hopefully love you back).

What are the most compelling fashion trends right now?
Cashmere and UGGS because they keep me warm and comfortable (it’s freezing in Belgium right now and there’s snow everywhere—strange in November. We really should start to treat Mother Nature a bit nicer.

What are the worst trends?
Hypes are much worse than trends. Ûbermarketing in general makes me come out in ugly little red spots: put some (or usually: a lot of) dollars on something and you can sell a pot of dog poo as a very efficient anti-wrinkle cream—NOT good.

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