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Omar Kashoura

Omar Kashoura’s fashion career began after a fateful move to London in 1999. The English-Arabic designer first studied at the London College of Fashion, where he received first class honors, before going on to win the Gen Art Style Awards’ Best International Menswear Designer in 2005. This widespread acclaim eventually turned into a career at Preen and later a consulting position with Unconditional. Kashoura’s professional and academic success has continued to grow in the subsequent years—he received a masters degree from Central Saint Martin’s and was been granted the Deutsche Bank Pyramic Award—which has helped cultivate his namesake brand to the hot-to-have label in London today.

What’s hot right now?
Number one has to be Stephen Sondheim. This year, he turns 80 and there is a plethora of events in London to celebrate: Into the Woods at the open air theatre in Regents Park, which is such a perfect summer venue for plays (the stage is set in amongst the trees, and I have been the last two summers running—sun setting and a glass of Pimms in my hand…perfect!!); Passion at the Dommar, an independent theatre in the West End; and a Sondheim Prom night at the Proms. His productions are most unique and have a great sense of feeling. They are classic yet so modern and very sharp. You should check it out.

What are your favorite summer looks for men?
For the summer, and as a private sneak into my Summer collection for 2011, I would suggest wearing string vests with a super sharp navy suit on top. A return to masculinity and a new ease.

What is this summer’s menswear must-have?
We produced some beautiful pebble print pieces for the modern gentleman exclusively for Oki-Ni. Very hot for the summer!!

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