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Quentin Jones

Quentin JonesFrom an early stage in her career, Quentin Jones has been keenly interested in combining surrealist photomontage with the moving image. Jones first studied philosophy at Cambridge University before pursuing an MA in illustration from Central St. Martins, from which point she launched her meticulous, hands-on artistic career. Jones has worked with brands such as Holly Fulton, ShowStudio, Test and Chanel as well as publications like Vogue and AnOther Magazine.

What’s hot right now?
The hottest point of my summer this year will be drinking Campari and soda while playing (cheat) croquet with my dad as the sun cools down in the south of France, wearing beaten up old espadrilles and a Chanel cruise romper suit to complete the moment.

What makes London design/fashion distinctive?
It is all about a unique level of creativity in this city, and I think it all starts with the way we are taught in London art schools. When I was at Central St. Martins, we were pushed to think in a way that opposed whatever was currently selling or “in.” This translates to a focus on freedom in design rather than pushing for immediate financial success. Platforms like NewGen and Fashion East support this mentality for young designers. They help them branch out alone and secure their fresh visions rather than joining the more established fashion houses. The end goal may be to have a thriving business, but to start sticking a finger up to advertisers and corporate giants allows a young designer to have their own voice…and then they can do a line for Top Shop!

What are some of your favorite films for inspiration?
I guess inspiration is a cumulative process from stuff that transfixed you as a child, to stuff we hunt on YouTube now. So from the old to the new: Sesame Street animations still appeal to me for their stripped down visuals and sound. Jan Svankmajer’s Alice—or actually anything by Svankmejer for its mix of the surreal and glitchy stop motion that borders on the macabre. Labyrinth might be my all time favorite film: Jim Henson crossed with magical Bowie moments. More recently, Grizzly Bear’s music video for “While We Wait for the Others” by Grandchildren. I think I saw this when I was finishing at college, and it made me a bit angry because it was exactly the sort of work I wished I was doing. Also, Iris by Barnaby Roper. Roper is my favorite fashion filmmaker. He has a gift for visualizing how movement can be dissected and spliced to bring a sort of dynamism to his style of fashion photography. 90% of fashion photographers can’t (and really shouldn’t!) make this transition.

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