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Quynh Mai

Quynh MaiQuynh Mai has spent 15 years as a fashion industry insider and mogul–from managing Lipman’s account with Diane von Furstenberg to negotiating St. John’s campaign contract with Angelina Jolie to founding the Moving Image & Content. She has a truly unique perspective on  the creative energies involved, business operations, and the changing face of how society interacts with fashion through video and other technologies.

What’s hot now?
That has become the impossible question to answer in this totally splintered world. There are so many micro-cultures, that the idea of any individual thing commanding the masses’ consciousness for long seems improbable. I heard someone say once that Warhol’s 15 minutes has been cut down to 5 seconds. But I’m not complaining because it has meant that I can occupy multiple micro-societies all at once. So if “What’s hot?” was replaced with “What are you into right now?,” I’d say artisanal meats, rose champagne, Foursquare, fashion films, Brooklyn Bowl, and my son Desta.

What are the biggest digital trends in fashion at the moment?
Fashion blogs have come into their own and have turned into journalistic outlets that rival, if not often surpass, bigger online publications for breaking news. They have credibility and a strong following, not just amongst consumers but with the industry itself. Brands and the fashion establishment are embracing blogs as crucial elements of fashion culture and will continue to do so.

Fashion films are beginning to gain momentum and are being used by mega global brands as well as niche, local ones to promote their ideals and connect emotionally with the consumer. We’re only in the early stages but it’s definitely a trend that is growing quickly.

The iPad is transforming the way fashion views digital content. No image looks better than when on a backlit screen, so I think it has made everyone reassess their digital content, from publishers to brands, to designers, and photographers. Everyone is starting to think about digital content leading their communication strategy.

What are your must-read blogs?
I’m fascinated by technology at the moment, not for what it does but rather about how it changes our lives. Of all the tech blogs out there, my favorite is The Steve Rubel Sream. He doesn’t necessarily report on tech developments but rather interprets them and offers analysis of how they might affect us. My guilty pleasure blog is Gawker–it’s like seeing a car accident; you don’t want to look but you feel compelled to. I read The Daily Beast’s Cheat Sheet to get a quick overview of what is happening in the world over tea each morning. I love looking at Lookbook and DailyBooth to see pictures that people are posting of themselves, especially DailyBooth’s live photo feed.

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