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Rasmus Michau

RASMUSOriginally from Denmark, Rasmus Michau is the impresario behind some of Paris’ most exciting events. From the Institut Bonheur or Soirées Bagatalle in the beautiful Bois de Boulogne each summer to The Big Lebowski Show bowling party, which sees a Colette boutique team competing against one from a Louis Vuitton, Michau knows how to combine chic fun and sophisticated social gatherings—right down to his recently opened concept tequila bar, Blitz Bar. The founder of creative design firm Hmm!, Michau is one of the most significant tastemakers defining the Parisian social landscape.

What’s hot now?
Blitz Tequila is really really hot right now. Drink it and you’ll feel in the know right away.

What do you think is the best thing happening in Paris at the moment?
I like the fact that Paris has become a world capital again. Since the financial cities have lost their steam, Paris has come back as a place to focus on and there are a lot of interesting things happening in the city. I have the impression that Paris is experiencing an unprecedented entrepreneurial drive. Everybody has a personal project or business idea these days—fashion brands, restaurants and concepts are popping up everywhere.

When not in Paris where is your favorite destination?
I have a lot of favorite destinations, but tend to prefer those with great room service.

What’s your style and does it reflect your lifestyle?
I am venturing into preppy big time. I’ve recently had suits made by Thom Sweeny, a great taylor in London. I like Kitsuné or Ralph Lauren for their New England college looks and just got a pair of Tricker’s as well as a pair of Church’s shoes. Since I am actively pushing a tequila brand and about to open a karaoke restaurant, I doubt that style has anything to do with my ventures. I guess that I grew tired of sneakers and streetwear. Also, I just turned 35 and may have more gentlemanly ambitions.

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