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Richard Haines

Richard HainesAfter finding success as a designer for brands like J Crew, Calvin Klein, Perry Ellis, Sean Combs and Bill Blass, Richard Haines returned to the craft that first brought him to New York: illustration. Now one of the industry’s most sought after fashion illustrators, he is often credited for aiding the revival of fashion illustration as a popular medium. His work regularly graces the pages of the New York Times and InStyle Magazine, and his wildly popular website, which features his personal and professional works, has received accolades from respected critics at Paper Magazine, New York Magazine,, and, to name just a few. In July 2009, Haines received his first solo show at one of the Lower East Side’s most respected galleries, Envoy Enterprises.

What’s hot right now?
I’m pretty Brooklyn-centric these days, so a lot of what’s happening is here. There’s a group called BLVCK AMERICA—they put on parties and just started screenings; I love them and their vibe is so right. Venus Iceberg’s “ghetto goth” party is awesome, but the location has moved so not sure where that’s going to land. The people at DIS are pushing a lot of boundaries, but in a very tight way, which I appreciate. I love going to my local coffee place Little Skips to get a sandwich and coffee and keep it real with my fellow Bushwicks. I’m having a show at Jason Andrew’s gallery Norte Maar. He’s helped spearhead so much of what’s happening art-wise in Bushwick. SPANK puts together a really good queer party and magazine. Those boys have a lot of energy and know how to have a good time.

What were your favorite menswear a/w ’11 collections?
I covered the New York menswear collections for the New York Times, but a real stand out for me was N. Hoolywood. I think partially because I didn’t know anything about the brand, and the purity of the collection really was spectacular. The show was all about guys who looked like they stepped out of photos from an 1890s expedition to Mt. Everest—via Bedford Avenue—but the clothes have a refinement and simplicity that was perfect.

What mens fashion trend should we pay attention to right now?
I see a lot of guys rolling a cuff into their jeans. It could be a high turn up or a smaller roll, but it’s definitely happening and really changes the silhouette.

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