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Rosane Ribeiro

Rosane RibeiroAfter graduating from London College of Fashion, studying at St Martins and receiving a post-grad degree in History of Fashion in connection to the V&A, Rosane Ribeiro (aka Roxy) learned everything about European, especially English, fashion. Living between Rio and London, Roxy straddles the two worlds as the fashion correspondent for Vogue Brazil, while maintaining a weekly radio program at Jovem Pan, a weekly column for the Fashion Times and writing for many different publications.

What’s hot right now?
Brazil is hot right now. From its ways to culture, art and fashion, Brazil is the hot spot to keep an eye on. It is no more a country of the future, but of the present.

What are the most important trends in Brazil right now that people should know about?
Joie de vivre. I believe Brazil’s biggest contribution to the world is not only in a fashion trend, but in lifestyle. The happiness, the positive attitude, the charm and glamour is presented all over the arts and culture, and of course reflected in the fashion. Osklen with its chic sportswear, Cecilia Prado’s enchanted and intricate tricot’s work, Lenny’s extremely elaborated bikini pieces, Andrea Degreas and Bossa Nova’s beach elegance, Stef’s surrealist and beautiful jewelry pieces and Lucas Nascimento with his sophisticated unique tricot work, which caused a lot of frisson on his last catwalk show, helping Brazil to be taken seriously in the international fashion agenda. This is just a few examples to keep an eye out for—a list of favorites would be endless. I highly recommend that everyone watches the documentary on Vik Muniz’s work, Waste Land, where the contrast and extremes of Brazilian life is recorded by Lucy Walker, João Jardim and Karen Harley. Vik uses rubbish to create art, and the film portrays the life of the rubbish collectors. Awarded at Berlin Cinema Festival, the film will be at the Oscar’s representing Brazil.

What’s your fashion staple at the moment?
70′s glamour and lace, lace and more lace. I need a wardrobe that work all over the world, from days on the beach in Corsica to meetings in London or working under the sun, 40C, in Rio. It needs to be easy, fresh, chic and look glam regardless of where I am.

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