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Sam Spenser

Sam SpenserLondon-born Sam Spenser studied at the infamous Goldsmiths Fine Art course, where he was awarded the Royal British Bursary for Sculpture in 2010. His mixed media installations and sculptures have been featured in sell-out solo and group shows, with stand-out pieces including phosphor luminescent drawings, repurposed material sculptures, enormous porcelain installations and commission-based conceptual forays.

What’s hot right now?
This is going to sound damn obvious, but I swear it’s not been properly done yet until now: the first digital magazine. I was introduced to Post by Meri Media and I was absolutely blown away—nothing has convinced me more of such potential in regards to touch screen. Most downloadable magazines are merely a shitty, low-res PDF of their sexy, paper sibling, but Post would NEVER work as hardcopy. In fact, you would have less of an experience on paper. I find this really exciting. Firstly, there is this complete disregard for the linear, cover-to-cover interface—instead you find yourself reading one article on what feels like an infinite three-dimensional plane of beautiful material. It’s a really dynamic, visuallyled experience. It feels like the future of publishing…for a while.

What fashion/art/design trend should we pay attention to right now?
I don’t know how quite how to put this into words but I’ll try: something to do with loving your fellow creative, collaboration, collectives, DIY, family, deinstitutionalization, local, tender, personal stuff, under one roof…all while thinking BIG.

What are you looking forward to in London as summer approaches?
My visa for the US has just been granted so actually LA beckons. This summer promises adventure, new friends and the unknown.

What should Sam be looking forward to in LA as summer approaches?
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