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Sarah Bronilla

Sarah-BronillaSarah Bronilla moved to New York in ’99 to launch VICE magazine in the US. After establishing the now notorious magazine’s international fame, she left to consult on other marketing initiatives. Bronilla’s client roster has ranged from blue chip heavyweights such as Casio, Microsoft and Absolut to fashion brands including Saturdays, Ray Ban, G-Shock, Incase and Rad Hourani. She currently leads up the Fashion & Lifestyle PR department of Exposure.

What’s hot right now?
Navy is the new black. Fat is in. Women drinking whiskey is sexy. Smoking is not. Red lipstick is a must. Cartoons are a great medium. Juicing is the new eating. Saturdays’ tees with tiny skirts. Sexy heels all day everyday. Minimal mid-century furniture. Fried rhubarb chips. Gourmet Societies. Tasteful pornographic photography. Bangs!

What item is on heavy rotation in your wardrobe?
Jeans. I love that all types of cuts of denim are hot right now. From skinny to flare, you can rock it all and you’ll still be on trend.

What are the must-have items for women right now?
It’s been raining every day for the past two weeks in New York, but thanks to my head-to-toe waterproof (not water resistant) outfit I’ve manage to stay dry and look good without having to deal with flimsy umbrellas. Must spring buys are: waterproof hat from Bailey of Hollywood (water literally beads off the hat even during torrential rainstorms,) a waterproof Patagonia trench and 6” Jil Sander platform boots with grip soles.

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